Made by the brains behind The Key and GovernorHub, Robin is being created to diligently do those time-consuming tasks in schools and MATs that you'd rather not.

Robin's tasks

Recent technological advances make it possible for computers to do more than ever before. We're harnessing this to build Robin. A system that goes beyond helping you to do a particular task. It does the task for you.

Our first task

School Website Review

Robin will visit your school's website, and trawl through it. We'll look for and check all the information that should be on there, and provide clear reports. All without you having to lift a finger.

Find out you how well your website adheres to guidance issued by the DfE.
See the policies on your website categorised, their review dates and whether there are any missing mandatory ones.
Multi-Academy Trust reports.
Robin can audit all the schools across your MAT and provide reports amalgamating the results.
A screenshot of Robin's school website policies report

Have any questions or want to talk?

Send an email to [email protected]

A note on Artificial Intelligence

In order to perform its tasks, Robin needs to use human-like judgement. To do so, we use a number of different technologies that get lumped under the term "AI". The important thing to know is that, like people, sometimes Robin will get things wrong. We aim to minimise the effect of this, but we can't completely eradicate it. This is unlike the previous generation of computer software which, at least in theory, always got things right.